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If students does not pay the tuition/general fees by due date, the student shall be charged a late payment of RM100 and a penalty of RM100 for every month of non-payment thereafter. If the student continues to have outstanding tuition/general fees, the student enrolment at Monash University will be encumbered. This will result in the computer and library access being withdrawn and the examination results being withheld, and the student will not be permitted to enroll in the following semester until all outstanding fees have been paid. Further delays in paying the outstanding tuition/general fees will result in the student’s enrolment at Monash University being invalidated. International students who are invalidated will be reported to the Department of Immigration for breach of student pass condition.

If you do not pay your Fees within the due date, or do not contact the University and agree on a payment plan, we will start our process for collecting the fees that you owe.

The key points are that your portal may be interrupted and your enrollment may be invalidated, and ultimately withdrawn from the University for non-payment of fees. Therefore, it is important to contact us if you have difficulties in paying your fees as we can only work to resolve any issues by discussing them with you.

 Last updated Fri, Nov 18 2016 3:36pm
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